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The People Who Lead Our
Church in Fulfilling Our Mission

If you wish to inquire about our congregation, you may reach us using the contact details or the form provided on this page.

Meet the New Grace, Arlington Staff and Leadership

Get to know the amazing people that help keep our church in Arlington, Texas active, engaging, and inspirational. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Aaron Kangar,

Bea Wilson,

Elizabeth Tubman,
senior ministry leader

Felicia Bessman,
Executive pastor

Gunnar & Cece Jones, youth Ministers

Harbella Browne,
praise & worship leader

Henry Manley,
trustee chair

Irene Sekle,

Karlson Bessman,

Lamne Bright,

Leona Hassan,
Children's ministry leader

Lourenzo Smith,


Mena Okyne,



women's ministry leader

Moses Horace,

worship pastor

Prince Moore,

recreational minister

Regina Miallie,

deaconess, intercessory leader

Sarah Snyder,


Stephen Ricks,

deacon chair

Theo Bessman,
Lead pastor

Thomas Miallie, Communications minister

Tosha Browne,
Music Minister

Ujay Harmon,
Men's ministry leader

Vera and Lutricial, Hospitality & guest relations

Yamah Phillips,


  • Bishop Theo Bessman—Senior pastor

  • Felicia Bessman—executive pastor

  • Moses Horace—Worship pastor

  • Wellington Morris—Assoc. Pastor

  • Prince Moore---Recreation & Network pastor

  • Thomas Miallie—Media & Communication pastor

  • Tosha Browne---Music ministry pastor

  • Harbella Browne---Children & Youth Music pastor

  • Wilhelmina Okyne---Prayer & Events pastor

  • Sarah Snyder---Mission & Outreach pastor

  • Jacob Bright----Marriage & Family pastor


  • Lamne Johnson Bright (Chair)

  • Stephen Ricks

  • Karlson Bessman

  • Aaron Kangar

  • Regina Miallie

  • Mardia Ricks

  • Yamah Phillips

  • Leona Hassan

  • Mercie Woodson

  • Whanga Mitchell-Tray

  • Lorina Stemn

  • Henry Manley

  • Reginald Stubblefield

  • Jimmy Rennie

  • Willette Morris (Assoc. deacon)

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